Wapiti –Web Applications Security Auditing Framework

Wapiti – Web Applications Security Auditing Framework

Wapiti is a vulnerability assessment framework that performs black box security auditing of the web applications. The vulnerabilities that can be assessed with Wapiti include database injections, Local File Inclusion (LFI), Remote File Inclusion (RFI), command execution, CRLF injection, Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF), XML External Entity (XXE) injection, Shellshock bugs, .htaccess attacks, and source…

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pureblood tool

Pureblood Tool – web Application Penetration Testing

Pureblood  Information Gathering and Security Auditing Tool Pureblood is a Python tool that can be used during the information gathering and gaining access phases of penetration testing. Pureblood can collect useful information about target web applications, such as Banner grabbing, WHOIS record, DNS data, reverse DNS lookup, reverse IP lookup, CMS information, ports information, admin panel paths, subdomain scan…

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