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There are many different scenarios in which a person may need to upgrade their GPU … maybe your card is not generating your level of performance in the latest game, or you just bought a new monitor Ho and your Read more…

Finding The Best DDR4 RAM For Gaming It took us some time to do this and found the best DDR4 RAM sticks that we could continuously increase in value, capacity, frequency and performance while doing so. Our end result presented Read more…

What Is The Best APU For Gaming? 2019 Top Reviews   Back in 2011, AMD introduced its APU, or Accelerated Processing Units. While the first few generations were somewhat influential, AMD’s aging CPU architecture severed the subsequent release of the Read more…

Best CPU for Gaming – Top 6 AMD & Intel Picks of 2019 After researching about 100 hours and reviewing the CPU, I have concluded that Intel i9-9900K is the best overall gaming CPU. With so many cores and multithreading, Read more…

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