Masud Rana 1.1 The Android RAT (SpyNote Modified/Alternative)

Masud Rana 1.1   The Android RAT (SpyNote Modified/Alternative)
  • Version 1.1
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  • Create Date November 5, 2019

Masud Rana 1.1 - The Android RAT

It is a public version of Masud Rana 1.1 rat . This version can be detected by some antivirus. When we are uploading it, it is undesirable for Google Play security. Please do not upload it to virus total or any cloud analysis engine to prevent this from happening.



Masud Rana 1.1

Modified New Features

  1. Undetectable to Google Play Protection
  2. Undetectable to Huawei/Xiaomi default antivirus engine
  3. Updated ApkTool (2.4.0)
  4. Support Android 8.1
  5. Updated and more stable GUI with multi core support

Default Features

  1. Bind your server APK with any other Game or App.
  2. Explore Files with full access.
  3. Read/Write Messages.
  4. Make a call, record a call and browse call logs.
  5. Read and write contact list.
  6. Capture photos and videos.
  7. Listen live conversation through mic, record mic sound live.
  8. Check browser history.
  9. Get GPS Location.
  10. Check installed apps.
  11. Get phone’s information (IMEI, WIFI MAC, PHONE CARRIER).
  12. Fun Panel (Show messages, shake the phone etc)




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