Best CPU for Gaming – Top 6 AMD & Intel Picks of 2023

Best CPU for Gaming

Best CPU for Gaming – Top 6 AMD & Intel Picks of 2019

After researching about 100 hours and reviewing the CPU, I have concluded that Intel i9-9900K is the best overall gaming CPU. With so many cores and multithreading, this CPU has enough power to handle all your gaming functions. But do not worry, we have five more processors in land which are suitable for different types of needs (and budget).

If you are still unsure about AMD or Intel route, then you can do a bit more research in the current gaming CPU scenario, and if all this sounds nonsense, do not worry: we have to go to all that you You will need to know about the gaming CPU below.      

Best CPU for Gaming

Intel i9-9900K

Editor’s pick for best overall gaming CPU

This latest gen processor is an absolute beast overall with its high core and thread count paired with fast speeds and unrivaled performance.


Intel i9-9900K is a great option when it comes to choosing the best overall processor. This processor can be quite expensive but it is capable of handling anything you throw.
I9-9900K is more than enough power to handle high-end gaming systems.

This chip should not be underestimated and if it can fit in your budget then it should be considered.

Best CPU for Gaming

Intel Core i7-9700K
A powerful gaming processorWhen it comes to sheer power, the Intel Core i7-9700K is often thought of. With stellar single core performance combined with blazing fast speeds, this processor works great for gaming.


Choosing the best Intel CPU for gaming was an easy decision. In fact, i7-9700K is so powerful processor that it is the best processor for gaming when you consider its value.While punching quite a punch, the range of i7-9700K is 3.6 – 4.9 gigahertz. It is good, the chip can conserve power when not used and ramps up to some great speed during stress. | Best CPU for Gaming 

Best CPU for Gaming

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

The best Mid-Range gaming CPU The AMD Ryzen 7 2700X processors boast fast clock speeds, greater overclockability, AM4 motherboard compatibility, and competitive pricing. A truly great mid-range CPU pick.


This CPU before we start to break in the low-end build, and makes a tight budget. You can still play it with some fantastic performance for the price otherwise we will not mention it. There is a noticeable difference between Intel’s top chips and this mid-range pickup but it gets well piled against the latest Gen7 at a fraction of the price. Ryzen 2700X meets many needs of the consumer, while still $ 300 comes under great value. | Best CPU for Gaming 
Best CPU for Gaming

       Intel i5-9600K

           The best gaming CPU on a budget. The Intel Core i5-9600K is a great  choice for a mid-range gaming CPU. You get 6 cores and 6 threads and it can go as fast as 4.6GHz! With this CPU you can get similar performance to the older i7-8700K but for around $100 less.


Maybe you are in the market for some low price, but still you will get a great performance.
Intel Core i5-9600K is a great budget CPU. This may seem expensive for a budget pickup, but its brilliant performance matches its value, making it a new gene pick that will not break the bank. | Best CPU for Gaming 
Best CPU for Gaming

  AMD Ryzen 5 2400GThe best budget gaming CPU from AMDIf you’re looking for a processor that’s cheap and efficient, then look no further than the Ryzen 5 2400G.

With speeds that can clock up to 3.9GHz this Quad-core CPU is unmatched for value. It supports multithreading, and all for under $200!


The $ 100- $ 200 range is where we build lower end builds with the CPU. You can still play on these, but you’re sacrificing something with a mix of lower frame rate, resolution and graphical settings.Ryzen 2400G fits that description perfectly and has a great CPU for gamers on a tight purse string. | Best CPU for Gaming 

How do we chooseWhen choosing your recommendations, we do extensive research first. We are also gamers and we only want to bring you the best products with the accurate information.

There are several steps involved in ensuring quality.First, we ensure that we are up to date on the current release. We would not want you to get old and stale information while building your system because

it is a waste of hard earned cash!
Next, we scrape online sources for gaming CPU benchmarks. With benchmarking we see what the CPUs are doing best in each field and how they are stacked against each other. This helps to ensure that the processors we recommend to you will work for gaming (even if the super budget build is a little bit right).
After making sure that the processors will work for their desired range,

we ensure that they have received good reviews from both consumers and critics. We look at famous sites like Amazon and NewEg. To make sure they get great reviews and build quality up to the last.

Knowing aboutChoosing a CPU can be challenging for buyers for the first time and there are things you should consider before purchasing that new piece of hardware. You will not want to buy one and find out that it is not working in your system!There are many words you see in connection with the CPU, so before jumping, go over some of the most common people, one of which is to choose.

Core and ThreadsA processor is made of core and yarn. Nowadays, the CPU has many cores, allowing them to do many tasks; Let it be the literal form of the old saying that two (or more) heads are better than one.Supports computer thread as a virtual CPU. | Best CPU for Gaming 

In this metaphor, the threads will be how many functions each head (core) can handle. They can only do one thing at a time, but they can switch very fast. As such, Threads work as a fast, efficient way to effectively switch between handling multiple tasks for your CPU.

clock speedThe clock speed, sometimes known as the speed of the bicycle, tells how many cycles a cycle will take in every second. It is measured in MHz. Therefore 4MHz will be 4 billion cycles per second.There are some types of processors: locked processors and processors which can be overclocked to get more clock speed at the speed of their stock. | Best CPU for Gaming 

However, overclocking needs to be corrected or you will harm your CPU, make it useless. Nevertheless, there is a rule of thumb to ask: “Overclocking before doing this?”
If you are unsure what processor you should get, then read our article which CPU exactly do you need? Or you can check our CPU hierarchy that they see a detailed list of CPUs and what range they belong to.

Put it all togetherTogether they will give you a general idea how well the processor will perform in the question, but let’s do a bit deeper. For example, IPC (per cycle instructions) tells us how many verbs can be performed in each cycle and it is often very difficult to find. | Best CPU for Gaming 

In addition, some tasks use less cores like gaming, which means that you want strong single core performance (although gaming is good at least 4 cores, though). While other works, such as video rendering, use a lot of resources, which means that you want an extra core (at least 6 or 8).Ultimately this is the reason why we always benchmark the CPU and test processor for different types of tasks. | Best CPU for Gaming 

Socket typeSocket is the physical mount on your motherboard that keeps the processor in place. As such, the first thing you want to check is that the socket on your motherboard matches whatever processor you have selected (or vice versa!). | Best CPU for Gaming 

Each brand of the processor and (sometimes) line has its own socket type and does not fit into non-designed. For example, AMD uses Ryan 7 AM4 socket type and does not fit on Intel’s LGA 1151 socket, which is for their core processor, and vice versa. | Best CPU for Gaming 

If you are buying a new CPU and a new motherboard together, check the specs to make sure that they are both the same socket type (I suggest first deciding on your processor,

then a matching motherboard Search).
If you are upgrading one or the other, then check out the specs online and make sure the new piece of hardware matches accordingly. | Best CPU for Gaming 

ChipsetEach processor will have a set of chipsets that are compatible with it. These chipsets are important when selecting your motherboard, because they determine whether some features will be disabled or not.The more advanced the chipset, the more special. | Best CPU for Gaming 

For example:-

AMD Ryzen 7 2700 supported chipsets Intel Core i7-8700K supported chipsets
A300 B360
A320 H370
B350 H310
B450 Q370
X370 Z370

Things to consider when buying a gaming CPUThe first thing to consider when choosing your gaming CPU is to whom you intend to use it. Just because the CPU is “best” in a category, this does not mean that this is the best CPU for you.But what are you looking at in the CPU? How do you know what it is for you? Should there be more cores or faster speeds? Let’s take a look at some of the major factors that can help you decide:

  • Casual / hardcore gaming
  • Streaming
  • Content Creation
  • Overclocking

Hardcore Gaming Builds

Sometimes, you just want to build a powerful gaming rig. You do not care about streaming, or building content. Your bottom line is getting those high FPS numbers.When it comes to a pure gaming build, | Best CPU for Gaming 

then speed is your friend. The games are not in the form of other programs and functions as dependent on the CPU core and thread. Anything is enough for quad-core and higher gaming. | Best CPU for Gaming 
Most games will run on a dual-core processor, but more and more games require quad-core or higher to install and run. | Best CPU for Gaming 
For a hardcore gaming build, I would recommend that you search for processors with at least the following speed:
Pure Gaming Builds

  High-end build Mid-range build Budget build
Clock Speed 4.0 Ghz or higher 3.5 Ghz or higher 3.0 Ghz or higher
Core/Thread Count 6C/12T 4C/8T 2C/4T

Couple of a fast processor with a good SSD, powerful graphics card and some quality RAM, will actually count your FPS.

Casual gaming
You may not care about moving the frame forward and saving your content for the world. Perhaps you are more casual type. You like to play now and then at your spare time, or you are not just in AAA game, and do not need all the processing power. | Best CPU for Gaming 

If you just need something to play your Steam game and maybe Minecraft, then you can have a casual gamer setup. Usually, casual gamer builds do not have the latest and greatest needs. | Best CPU for Gaming 

While it is not easy to say that casual gamers do not own a high-end system, which allows them to play minor games in 60 fps.While looking for a casual gaming CPU, you should search at least quad-core to allow your budget. | Best CPU for Gaming 

It does not need to be too fast
Let’s see what you should see:
Casual Gaming

  High-end build Mid-range build Budget build
Clock Speed 3.5 Ghz or higher 3.0 Ghz or higher 2.5 Ghz or higher
Core/Thread Count 6C/12T 4C/8T 4C/4T

StreamingIf you are still like many gamers, then you probably stream your game somewhere, or you record your games and later upload them to see the public (or private). If you do not have one with core and thread, then it can put some tax on your processor. | Best CPU for Gaming 

This means that you will need more core and thread processors than your typical hardcore gaming build. If you are thinking of creating a computer for gaming and streaming, then what you should see here:

  High-end build Mid-range build Budget build
Clock Speed 4.0 Ghz or higher 3.5 Ghz or higher 3.0 Ghz or higher
Core/Thread 8C/16T 6C/12T 5C/8T

Having a high core and thread count will help your computer multitask, so that it will be able to record your game, along with everything that is going on without the lag. | Best CPU for Gaming 

content creationAssume that you have already received the following on your YouTube channel, you have found your followers on your stream, and you are ready to kick off production to the next level so that you can start making better videos. | Best CPU for Gaming 

You have decided to create an all-in-one system that needs to be able to pump gaming, streaming and good quality video. This requires more computing power.
You need a high core and thread count connected with high speed, so that you can present your content as soon as possible. If you want your gaming computer to be an all-round animal, what to watch for it:

Content Creation

  High-end build Mid-range build Budget build
Clock Speed 4.0 Ghz or higher 3.5 Ghz or higher 3.0 Ghz or higher
Core/Thread Count 8C/16T 6C/12T 4C/8T

OverclockingPerhaps you had a gaming machine for some time and you want to upgrade to keep some overclockability in mind. Maybe you want to get into overclocking and push your system to its limits?
If you want to overclock an Intel CPU, | Best CPU for Gaming 

you have to buy a model that ends in “K”, such as Intel i9-9900k.
If you want to overclock the AMD CPU, then all Ryzen models (which is AMD’s current gaming line) have been unlocked for overclocking. | Best CPU for Gaming 


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