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AndroSpy New Android Spy RAT Free Download

An Android AndroSpy RAT that written in C#

Update 0.1.2

+some improvements (in both Server and Client)
+Notify when Call (incoming or outgoing) in any client starts.
+Camera was improvement.

User Manual

For Users: For builder ( AndroSpy )you must install msbuild tools latest version, JDK latest version and Android SDK Tools. Then open the file (in the \Debug\ path) that has .tht extension with Notepad and configure the paths in the this .tht file again to your side. And copy the files in the “Client” folder into the \ProjectFolder\ path in the Server side. || Android Spy RAT Free Download

MsBuild Tools: https://download.visualstudio.microsoft.com/download/pr/c10c95d2-4fba-4858-a1aa-c3b4951c244b/54dedc13fbb321033e5d3297ac7c5ad8de484be2871153fe20599211135c9448/vs_BuildTools.exe

(Check Xamarin checkBox in the installation panel)

For Developers:
Your Visual Studio must have Xamarin Developing Kit then you can develop the Android side project (Client)



Android Spy RAT Free Download


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