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The RAT Virus is a type of malware program that creates a virtual back door in your computer. That back door provides hackers with remote access to your system

Puppy Rat is an open source tool for cross-platform remote administration (Windows, Linux, OSX, Android are supported as “clients”) and subsequent exploits (after exploits). Mostly written in Python. Simply put, this program, which can create backdoors for various systems, can Read more…


Orcus RAT is a Remote Access Trojan that is active since 2016. Orcus was developed by a malware author who goes under the name ‘’. This RAT has been sold for $40 since April 2016, with the ability to build Read more…

Top five remote access trojans

Once a hacker has gained initial access to the target machine, extending and strengthening that leg is the next logical step. In the case of a phishing attack, it involves using malware to take advantage of the access provided by Read more…

itjd has been tracking a new Remote Access Trojan ( Orcus Rat Complete Tutorial ), known as “orlas”, since April 2016 for $ 40 USD. Although Orcus has all the distinctive features of RAT malware, it allows users to build Read more…

jdsingh hacker tool kit a massive hacking tool. Easy tool to generate backdoor This tool compiles a malware with popular payload and then the compiled malware can be execute on windows, android, mac . The malware that created with this Read more…

Android Spy RAT Free Download

An Android AndroSpy RAT that written in C# Update 0.1.2 +some improvements (in both Server and Client) +Notify when Call (incoming or outgoing) in any client starts. +Camera was improvement. User Manual For Users: For builder ( AndroSpy )you must Read more…

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