Ads optimization leads to “the destruction of Google”

Ads optimization

Ads optimization ,As you know, Google’s source of income is advertising.

Every time you click, Google gets a margin. Click-by-click payments.

This is the reason why Internet advertising, including Google, is the best cost performance.
But this mechanism is breaking Google.

1. 1. As a result of optimizing ads to the limit, search results are full of ads

Ads optimization

Do you see such a title?

  • 5 Ways to Learn English Efficiently
  • 20 iPhone apps you should definitely download

Of the five ways to learn English efficiently, the first one I’ll show you is advertising. The first 1-5 iPhone apps you should definitely download are ads.

When it’s terrible, it’s all advertisements …

Flow and examples of undercover marketing on the Internet

  • For the time being, insert an article with an advertisement
  • Articles that are not accessed are deleted or left unattended
  • Articles that get access continue to optimize ads
  • When a high-paying advertisement comes in, perform ranking operation
  • This flow is repeated infinitely while speeding up

For example, when I googled [Overseas Travel Apps], there was an article in the second place in the search that 20 apps that should definitely be included in order to enjoy overseas travel with peace of mind . Sure enough, the first two apps are ads. If you install it, hundreds of yen will be charged to the site owner.
* Please see the recommended affiliate site introduction article for the detailed mechanism around here.

Why the internet is the best way to “stemma”

In the case of books, the author gets paid when the book sells.
On the Internet, clicking on an ad makes money for the website owner.

In the case of books, it is difficult to rewrite them once they are published.
You can easily edit it on the Internet.

Due to these differences in nature, mass production x stemmer is the best strategy for the Internet. What’s more, once you get the top search in SEO, you can get visitors semi-permanently (site maintenance is required).


2. Don’t believe in the internet

Ads optimization
DeNA’s excessive SEO has become a hot topic ( reference: the deep-seated issues of the Internet that have been seen due to the successive closures of curation sites ), but this method is still feasible.


* For the specific method, see [DeNA formula] article Mass production SEO method [explained in 5 steps] .

As you can see from these things, the information on the Internet should be used as a reference.

That said, TV information is also sponsored, so it can be said that it is the same, but in the case of the Internet, it is easier to reflect the intention of the advertiser than TV. * Ranking operations according to advertising costs.

An era in which advice is automatically gathered just by writing a blog

I also put an ad on this blog, but recently the advertising agency kindly sent me an email.

Site operator
Your site is ranked △ with the search word “◯◯”.
If you like, I would appreciate it if you could place the following advertisement.
▽ Promotion name: ◯◯
▽ URL:
▽ Basic reward: △△ yen
・ CVR: Approximately 5.5%
・ Approval rate : Approximately 85%

You will receive an email like this.
It’s a good time, but it’s also a time when publishers are more likely to be overwhelmed by advertisers’ intentions.



I don’t care about internet information?

The following is quoted from Tsuyoshi Takashiro’s hyperactivity diary .

The only thing I feel around the world is that the information on the Internet doesn’t matter, and I think it’s less than 10% of the world.
Rather than viewing 1000 pages of WEB sites on a daily basis, 20 page views a day is sufficient if you have “missing parts (information for reading the space between lines of information on the Internet)” that you picked up in the city. Information reduction to 1/50.

As you say.
It is good to think of the Internet as reference information only.

✕ There is “good information” on the
Internet ◯ There is also “good information” on the Internet

Some sites occasionally post great information, but anonymous sites shouldn’t be trusted too much .

That said, it is beneficial for the author to send good information under his real name, but there is still some reason to be anonymous. However, it’s not reliable because it’s a real name. This is difficult. Improve your search power.

3. 3. The value of reliable information continues to grow

Ads optimization
This is the news I read the other day.

In the Netherlands, there is internet media that the world’s media people are paying attention to. It is “De Correspondent” founded in 2013. Operates only with a subscription fee from readers, without any advertisements. In the small country of the Netherlands, which has a population of 17 million, the number of paying subscribers for 6 euros (about 770 yen) per month has exceeded 50,000.A new form of journalism from the Netherlands to the world 

Monthly sales of about 40 million yen. | Ads optimization
Since it is a web media, the profit margin will be high, and it will be completely profitable.

There is also such a thing.
This is Ikeda’s 10,000 yen book. It is quite expensive because it costs about 10,000 yen for 35,000 characters. | Ads optimization


It seems that it was sold out in one day (in fact, a profit of 150,000 yen in a few hours), but this is also an example of information guaranteed to be reliable.

Can Google identify trusted information?

  • A site full of ads, but with a sleek design and SEO optimization
  • Sites with no ads, but poor design and non-SEO optimization

At present, the former is overwhelmingly strong.
I don’t deny articles that are full of ads, but these days most of the top searches are full of ads.

Is it possible to say that the quality of information is high for sites that continue to operate rankings based on the ad unit price? Perhaps the future is to buy only the products introduced by friends because the information on the Internet is unbelievable.

Recently, even if I googled or googled, there are lots of affiliates and NEVER summaries. ..

I was tired. end.

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