[Never fail] How to identify a good SEO company

seo company

For those who are looking for a good SEO company.

In this article, I will introduce four recommended companies and points to distinguish good SEO companies. If you make a mistake in choosing an SEO company, you will end up throwing money away, so please consider carefully while referring to the article.

There are two points to distinguish a good SEO company

seo company

Let’s check the following two points. Obviously, it is often overlooked for some reason.

  • (1) Have your own media
  • (2) Not (basically) telephone business

(1) Have your own media

SEO is a technology that ranks high in search results.

In other words, if you have SEO skills, you should be able to grow your media . Well-established SEO companies are growing their own media, as client data is often invisible. To put it the other way around, a company that does not have its own media or a company that does not grow its own media is NG.

* You can check whether your own media is growing by using SimilarWeb . Even if it’s a beautiful site, there may be almost no visitors, so be careful.

(2) (Basically) I don’t do telephone sales

The great thing about SEO is that you can get inquiries inbound .

For example, [In-house training English] if you rank high with keywords such as, companies that provide in-house training will make a profit. In the same way, [SEO measures]if you rank high in related keywords, the number of inquiries will naturally increase. However, there are too many companies that sell SEO by telephone sales. Even though it’s an SEO company, it’s a contradiction to focus on outbound sales.

* Supplement
: Is it possible to do outbound sales while succeeding in your own media? This is because there are some customers who cannot reach on the Web. However, a company that does demon tele-appointment without owning its own media would be NG …

4 excellent SEO companies + 1

seo company
I wonder if the options are as follows. The top four are very famous companies in the SEO area.

Mr. Tsuji No one knows it’s an SEO neighborhood. It is also famous for having quadrupled the influx of searches with
nanapi ‘s SEO.
Buzz club An SEO company that reigns at the top of the content marketing world.
Strong in SEO writing.
Mr. Nagae A blog operator with over 1 million PV per month.
His main business is web consulting and he is strong in marketing in general.
Web rider Famous for content marketing that incorporates manga.
Strong in SEO writing.
(I) I am good at content SEO.
Achievements and figures are also posted on the blog.

The specific price varies depending on the company, but I think it’s better than failing by stinging money halfway.

Also, it’s a little sad, but SEO skills are often tied to individuals . I gave the above five examples, but other than the buzz department, it is a company where individual achievements are evaluated.

This is unavoidable, and SEO changes drastically, so unless you’re a maniac (a person who loves SEO and Web marketing), you can’t follow the trend …

The above is a summary of how to identify good SEO companies and recommended companies. Of course, there are some good companies that are not listed in the article, but when looking for an SEO company, be sure to check “whether you have your own media” and “whether you do excessive telephone sales”.