Intermediate: Why you can’t study web marketing by reading a book

web marketing study

To you who are thinking, “I understand the basics of web marketing, but how should I study in the future?”

Study with a book?
Or employment?

Conclusions should be learned from the data (practice).

No books, seminars or employment required.

So this time, I’ll write how to learn web marketing from data. I live in web marketing as my main business, so I think I can improve my skills to some extent by using the learning methods in the article.

Learn web marketing and live comfortably, aiming for locationfree, which is the greatest advantage of IT.

Let’s write.

1. 1. Why you can’t learn web marketing in books and seminars

web marketing study

Only for those who have basic knowledge (know the tool name and minimum usage). If you are a complete beginner, please try the following first.

Then the main subject. It is both a good point and a bad point of IT. That is the point of rapid evolution. I made a rough chronology.

  • 2011: Nanapi’s tag increase SEO became popular.
  • 2012: Summary and curation heyday. Representative is Naver summary
  • 2013: Naver-like curation media and buzz media are outbreaks.
  • 2014: Content marketing begins to become quite popular. Long SEO is popular, especially around the buzz club . Buzz media and curation media almost disappear, but as winners, Mery and iemo sell media to DeNA for billions and become winners.
  • 2015: The content marketing market grows and Lancers (probably) make a lot of money. The number of people who claim to be writers on the Web will increase dramatically

It is like this. In other words, the optimal strategy changes with the times.

 Update: October 18, 2017

In 2017, DeNA was on fire with content SEO spam. The method is summarized in [DeNA formula] article mass production SEO method [explained in 5 steps] .

2. Web marketing should learn from data and experimentation

web marketing study
nanapi was working on automatic tag increase SEO. With Mery, external links are generated with JavaScript .

As you can see from these examples, successful companies have established their own methodologies. Such methods are already available online and are described in books. Various media do the same.

In other words, if the information is already systematized, it will not be effective. So it’s best to own a site that you can handle 100% .

Just experiment on your own site. It may be easy for IT startups to experiment, but media run by a large company will inevitably slow down.

If you want to learn web marketing from now on, it is convenient to own one site because it can be an affiliate site or a personal blog. * By the way, this blog is also made for SEO experiments.

3. 3. How to Learn Web Marketing Through Data

web marketing study
I will explain in three steps. However, it is very natural, but I have the impression that there are very few people who can do it.

Step 1: Prepare an environment where data can be collected

I have summarized the tools roughly.

  • Analytics: Google Analytics
  • Keyword analysis: Google search console
  • Keyword ranking analysis: Rank Tracker (for Mac users, GRP for Win)
  • Clickthrough rate analysis for ad placement: Google Adsense

I wonder if it’s okay to put this much in for the time being. Using the tool is faster than buying a book. If it is a book, the information may be out of date.

Step (2): Repeat the test

There are many people who can’t do this. Many people don’t see the numbers.

Let’s look at the data every day after adding analytics. You should also look at the Google Search Console to see what keywords are coming from. At that time, I think it is even better to set goals in advance and analyze whether they have been achieved.

Once you have a certain amount of access, you can move the Adsense ad placement and see where it will be the most profitable. In addition, Rank Tracker, a keyword ranking analysis tool, is a highly recommended tool, so if it is a [for Mac] SEO search ranking check tool, Rank Tracker has summarized it to God .

If you keep doing this for about half a year, you should get enough advertising revenue to eat delicious sushi every month. In addition to that, you will also acquire skills. Two birds with one stone.

 Digression: The unit price is largely divided between those who can test with data and those who can not.

For those who can analyze data and those who cannot, the unit price will change significantly when an individual receives an order for a web marketing job. Take a writer as an example.

Writers who can see the numbers can quantify the value of their articles. If you have experience writing articles targeting specific keywords with SEO, and 5,000 people flow in articles every month and the purchase rate is 7%, you can calculate the value of the article from the purchase unit price.

Article value = number of visitors x purchase rate x unit purchase price

It’s OK if you sell yourself based on this formula. Mr. Nagae, a celebrity in the web marketing area, says the same thing.

After 3.11, I decided to do the work that people need again from the life I was playing around with, and this blog was the first to start. Currently, I go back and forth between 1 million PV a month, but in fact I am doing various experiments.

● Which position is the best position for the advertisement
● How the movement differs between PC and smartphone
● How to build buzzing content and content that does not make sense even if buzzing
● How access changes with just one title
● Does access change depending on the opening time ? ● Does access change with
SSL ? ● Does the
customer base and the number of accesses change depending on the amount of text?

I was able to acquire hundreds of items by counting the know-how like this. So, we are actually able to attract customers, and some clients are like “Please tell us your know-how.” So, I will use other successful measures that I tried on the client. Therefore, my client is one company in one industry (if there is a physical store, one company in one area). I’m a little free now, so please contact me only if you say “follow blindly”. ww

Step ③: Repeat new attempts

As mentioned in the examples of nanapi and Mery, if you can establish your own methodology, you will be able to increase access to some extent. I myself learned from some experience and succeeded in the top monopoly with a specific keyword. * This is a slightly black method, so it is not open to the public. I’ll tell you if you get an email lol.

In order to establish your own methodology, it is necessary to have high information sensitivity in the first place, and it is also important to have a habit of trying new tools.

 It’s a niche, but the following are powerful tools. | web marketing study

 If you want to get the latest SEO information, see below.

That’s how you can learn web marketing through data. In summary, the following is too simple.

  • Step 1: Prepare an environment where data can be collected
  • Step (2): Repeat the test
  • Step ③: Repeat new attempts

If you don’t have a blog yet, let’s create it now.

4. Regarding future demand for web marketers

web marketing study
It doesn’t make sense if it’s a job that will eventually disappear even if you study.

Web marketing skills are important.
If you have this, you can eat it.

I see articles with this kind of tone.
However, I wonder if it is exactly as follows …

Web marketing skills are important.
If you have this, you can eat it (* However, it is unknown after 3 years)

I think it’s pretty tough if you only have web marketing skills. The reason is AI.

For SEO writing and listing advertisement operation, I think that blunt AI will be superior. AdWords is already about half automated … I’m not sure about the conversion optimizer, but if you turn it on for the time being, conversions will increase. Google is amazing. web marketing study

Some people say that there are jobs that only humans can do, but if you are doing a large-scale business globally, I think it is overwhelmingly more efficient to judge by looking at the numbers. It’s different from a local greengrocer. web marketing study

So, I think it’s tough if it’s just web marketing. But, by mastering the multiple marketing channels (CM · magazine · Web · AI), who can comprehensive marketing proposal is as earn Truly feel.

However, you can still eat with your current web marketing skills. So it’s worth studying.


As mentioned above, I have written about it, but I think that web marketing skills (especially content marketing) are due to writing ability.

I can’t write beautiful sentences, but I learned how to write systematically in the following book. If you are interested in web marketing, especially content marketing, please click here.