If you start a blog with SEO in mind, it will fail before you start

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For those who are thinking of starting a blog and want to know SEO.

In the article, I explained the pattern of failing because of being too conscious of SEO and how to start an effective blog . If you are thinking of starting a blog, or if you want to live your life with a blog, please read this article.

Common failure patterns: Thinking too much about SEO makes it impossible to write articles

blog SEO

I often think that I am aware of SEO.

What search keyword should I aim for? What should I do with the number of characters? What should I do with the title? etc. As a result, the brush does not advance … I often hear such stories. I was like that for a while lol.

So, I recommend you to start first. You don’t have to aim for 100 points suddenly. Let’s start with 30 points.

The first thing to do when starting a blog: Create a blog with no problems with SEO

blog SEO
If you are conscious of SEO, there are three options below.

  • WordPress
  • Hatena Blog
  • Livedoor blog

WordPress is a little difficult, but it is the most recommended because it increases a wide range of web knowledge. People who say “I won’t do it in earnest” are the Hatena blog or Livedoor blog. There is no big difference between Hatena blog and Livedoor blog, so you can choose the one you like.

Note: Obtain your own domain

Free domains can incur unintended penalties. For more information, what is SEO-optimized domain selection? See [Why the best is your own domain] (if you’re not very interested, you don’t have to look).

If you want to start a blog with WordPress while using your own domain, please read the following article.
»Explanation of how to start a blog using WordPress, profit increase and SEO

What to do next: Learn a minimum of SEO knowledge and blogging theory

Aim for minimal SEO knowledge and motivation through books.

Note: It doesn’t make sense to buy a blog book

There are many books on blog theory in the world, but even if you buy them, there is no dramatic change. There are people who buy and fish occasionally, but I get the impression that they are similar to those who buy information products.

I understand that I just want to buy it, but I wonder if writing an article is better than that. I wonder if it would be better to look at access analysis than that.

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