Kraken V2 Android Banking RAT

  • Version 1.1
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  • Create Date October 3, 2021

Kraken V2 Android Banking RAT

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The description is not complete as the bot was finished by itself
Send SMS - send SMS with the specified text to the number specified in the command;
Start USSD - execute a USSD request;
Start Application - launch the application specified in the command;
Replace URL Admin Panel / Forwarding - change the address of the managing server;
Get All SMS - send copies of SMS stored on the device to the managing server;
Get All Installed Applications - get information about installed applications;
Get All Permissions - check the availability of additional permissions to work;
Get Logs Keylogger - start intercepting keystrokes;

Show Message Box - show the dialog box with the text specified in the command;
Show Push Notification - show push notifications whose contents are specified in the command;
Show Automatically Push Notification - show a push notification whose content is specified in the Trojan's code;
Start Fake-Locker - block the device screen by the WebView window, which will show the contents of the web page specified by the server;
Get Numbers From Phone Book - transfer all numbers from the phone book to the server;
Sending SMS to your Contacts - send SMS to all contacts from the phone book;
Request Permission For Injection - request permission to access data;
Request Permission For Geolocation - request permission to determine the location of the device;
Start Accessibility Service - request access to accessibility features;
Start Permission - request access to additional permissions;
Start Forward Calls - start forwarding calls to the number specified by the attackers;
Stop Forward Calls - stop call forwarding;
Open Link in Browser - open the specified link in the browser;
Open Link in Activity - open a link to a web page in a WebView;
CryptoLocker - encrypt files stored on the device and show a message with a ransom request;
Decrypt File System - decrypt files;

Record Sound - start recording the environment using the microphone built into the device;
Get IP Bot - determine the IP address of the device;
Kill Bot - clear the Trojan's configuration file and stop the malicious application.

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