Betabot botnet free Download

    beta bot botnet
    Betabot botnet free Download
    • Version 1.1
    • Download 710
    • File Size 14.3 MB
    • Create Date July 24, 2020
    • Form Grabber
      When specified sites are detected,  Betabot  will pull any relevant forms as they are sent, and export details to the main panel. In order for the Form Grabber to work, you must specify filters on the panel. When creating filters, the use of wildcards (*) are supported.

      • FireFox (Normal and SSL)
      • Internet Explorer (Normal and SSL)
      • Google Chrome (Normal and SSL)
    • x86/64 Userkit
      Userland rootkit for both 32 bit and 64 bit systems allows the bot to remain untouchable to other bots and basic user interference. Innovative technique for intercepting system calls on x86 systems allows for better compatibility with other bots. All hooks made will be restored if removed and general unhooker removes 3rd party hooks on sensitive NT service stubs.
    • AntiVirus Disabler
      Using multiple methods removal methods, Betabot is able to remove or disable over 30 different Anti Viruses from user mode. On Vista and 7, elevation is required for this function to work properly. To help achieve maximum efficiency, a custom social engineering tactic (written in 12 languages) is used to trick the user into elevating the bot process. This method has proven to be roughly 70% - 80% effective when attempting to elevate privileges.

      • Ahnlab v3 Lite (XP only)
      • ArcaVir
      • Avast!
      • AVG
      • Avira
      • BitDefender (On minimal config)
      • BKAV
      • BullGuard
      • Emsisoft Anti-Malware
      • ESET NOD32 / Smart Security
      • F-PROT
      • F-Secure IS
      • GData IS
      • Ikarus AV
      • K7 AntiVirus
      • Kaspersky AV/IS (Older versions only)
      • Lavasoft Adaware AV
      • MalwareBytes Anti-Malware
      • McAfee
      • Microsoft Security Essentials
      • Norman AntiVirus
      • Norton AntiVirus (Vista+ only)
      • Outpost Firewall Pro
      • Panda AV/IS
      • Panda Cloud AV (Free version)
      • PC Tools AntiVirus
      • Rising AV/IS
      • Sophos Endpoint AntiVirus
      • Total Defense
      • Trend Micro
      • Vipre
      • Webroot SecureAnywhere AV
      • Windows Defender
      • ZoneAlarm IS
    • Anti-Malware (Botkiller)
      Complex heuristic-based anti-malware component allows for thorough removal of not only major/common malware used in PPI ventures and more. Suspicious autostart items, files, processes and injected code will be removed/disabled when possible. Special options to target BTC/LTC miners is available.
    • DNS Blocker/Redirector
      The domain name modifier allows domains to be forced to resolve to any IP provided, or flat out blocked. All popular browsers/desktop applications supported.
    • Live FTP/POP3 grabber
      Network data interception allows FTP and POP3 logins over non-SSL connections to be intercepted and recorded in real time. Additionally, SSH logins made from PuTTY client are recorded and reported to the server.
    • File Search
      Ability to search all files on local hard disks for certain terms or files with certain names/extensions. Additionally, directories can be excluded from the search. Files matching search parameters will be uploaded to the C2 server.
    • Proactive Defense Mode
      Special self-defense mode that can be toggled on and off. When turned on, this will block most known methods of code injection and other malware-related activity to ensure only betabot is in control.
    • General bot defense
      Using a myriad of different concepts, betabot protects itself from removal/tampering. Areas of protection include process, autostart and file protection. Betabot is highly resistant to code injection, file removal and unhooking.
    • Additional features:
      • File Size < 150kb
      • Config Editor to edit builds -- Change group names
      • Block Bootkit Installation of some Bootkits (Mainly Rovnix(Carberp)). Can be toggled on/off from the panel.
      • Multi Server Support for up to 16 different servers. Different configurations are possible for each individual server.
      • Four different DDoS methods. Various settings to change. Uses local information to attempt to randomize headers in HTTP Floods.
        Rapid Connect/Disconnect
        HTTP GET
      • Experimental Ruskill - Using an active Sandbox-like, Betabot will attempt to sequester specified programs and roll back any changes made by them after Running. This feature is currently in development and may not work on some bots.
      • USB Autorun - When enabled, Betabot will add itself to any USB drive inserted into the machine using LNK-File swap techniques.
      • SOCKS4 Server - Turn your bots into dedicated SOCKS4 proxies. You may set the port as well as the duration. Supports UPnP.
      • FTP Stealer harvests live FTP logins as they happen in real time.
      • Anti Virus Checker allows you to enter your Scan4You account info into the panel and makes use of the S4Y API for quick and easy scanning, straight from your own panel.
      • Various Rudimentary Antis To help maintain the integrity of Beta Bot and to protect various pieces of vital code, Beta Bot makes use of multiple anti debugging and anti dumping methods.
      • Download / Update / Uninstall / etc - Basic commands expected of all bots. Supports DLLs and JAR files.
      • Additional User Accounts - Ability to create additional user accounts to access your panel. Fully customizable access levels.
      • Advanced Search Options to locate specific bots quickly and easily.



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