For whatever reason, there are always people who want to hack social media accounts. || Hack Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world. If you are looking for hacking methods for Instagram then you are on the right page.

But before I share working methods I want to discuss website claiming they can hack any account within seconds.

hack instagram || Hack Instagram Account

These type of websites doesn’t work. In the end, you have to complete a survey, where you will get nothing.

Instagram puts billions of dollars on security these simply can’t hack within seconds.


How To Hack Instagram Account

The only way to hack any account is to make your victim fool with some technical skills.

For example, providing them a fake login page that will look like a real Instagram login page. On login, you will receive the password & the victim will redirect to the original website.

These are the working methods to hack Instagram

Table Of Contents
  • Keylogger
  • Phishing Attack
    • How To Create Phishing Page
      • Firebase Accontbot Setup
      • Changing Code
      • Uploading
  • Social Engineering
  • By Hacking Facebook Account
  • By Creating Fake Login App
  • Wrapping It


This is the most underrated method to hack accounts. Basically, a keylogger is a software or app for smartphones that can record every typed word by the victim.

The biggest problem is you have to install a keylogger on the victim device.

On the internet, you can find both free and paid keyloggers. If you are looking for a free keylogger then try Smart Keylogger.

Here are the list of other keylogger apps. Keep in mind, you have to access the device again to view the data.

There are paid keyloggers available in the market. Once you install them on the victim’s phone you can receive all typed keyword data on your smartphone or any other device.

However watch is one of these kind of keylogger that you can try.

It is available for mac/windows & android phones. I tried on an android phone, it is undetectable.

But the installation part is complicated especially if you are a non-techy person. Here is a step by step article about how to install hoverwatch on an android smartphone.

How to Protect

  1. Computer users always keep machine up to date.
  2. Apply step 2 verfication on your accounts

Phishing Attack

In the phishing method, you create a website that looks similar to the original Instagram website. However when victims login with their username & password. He will be redirected to the original site and you will receive login details. Check the following screenshot.

instagram phishing page || Hack Instagram Account

As you can see in the URL it is different than Instagram. Now don’t worry if you don’t know programming, I will show you step by step tutorial on how to create phishing page. || Hack Instagram Account

How To Create Phishing Page

Creating a phishing page is easy. But making an undetectable page is difficult. Free hosting continuously banning phishing websites, Browser also starts warning the users.

But still, even after these hurdles, you can create working phishing. In fact, I did it, It will just take some extra work. Here are the things that you need to create an Instagram phishing page.

  1. Phishing script: Download Here
  2. Firebase Account: Create a Firebase account & Setup a Project as well, Learn here
  3. Free Hosting: Sign Up for 000webhost.

Here are the steps that you need following after doing above three things.

Firebase Accontbot Setup
  1. First of all, you need to create a firebase account. This is where the username & password will be saved. Visit on your phone. It will show you something similar to the following page. Click on get started button.
Instagram phishing firebase || Hack Instagram Account

It will open a new page where again you need to click on the create project.

 Hack Instagram Account
  1. Type your project name (type anything it doesn’t matter) and click on the continue button.
Hack Instagram Account
  1. On the next page, turn off the Google analytics report and click Create Project button.
  2. It will start creating your project, once done you will see something similar to the following page. Here click on the continue button. || Hack Instagram Account
Hack Instagram Account
  1. On the next page, You will see the Dashboard of the firebase project. Click on the gear icon and then select Project settings.
  2. After that click the request desktop site from the 3 dot menu. It will show you something similar to the following page. You need to click on the Code icon as shown in the screenshot.
Instagram phishing page || Hack Instagram Account
  1. This will take you to a new window where you need to type the app name. On Clicking Register Button, will show you a firebase code. || Hack Instagram Account
  2. As shown in the screenshot, copy the code starting from var= to (firebaseConfig);
copy Code | Hack Instagram Account
  1. Save these Codes In the notes app you need it later on.
  2. Here in the firebase click on go to console button then Chose the Real-Time database from the left sidebar. Then click on the Create Database button. You’ll be prompted to choose a test or locked Mode. Select the test code and click on Enable button.
Instagram phishing page | Hack Instagram Account
  1. Now Go to Rules & Change both read & write to true
Instagram phishing page | Hack Instagram Account
Changing Code
  1. I assume you have download the phishing script. If you haven’t here the link once again. This script is in a zip folder when you tap on it, it will show you the extract option. Make you extract it.
  2. You will get 3 things, the first one is the index.htm file & the 2 folders. Now Open the index.htm using any text editor such as notepad. Android users can use the HTML Editor.
  3. Scroll Down until you did not find firebase settings as shown in the screenshot. If you are an android user and using the above app then you will find code in the 459 line as shown in the screenshot. ||
Hack Instagram Account
  1. Change these codes that you have copied in the 8th step of Firebase Settings
  2. Save the File
  3. Go back to file manager and select all extracted items (index.html file and 2 folders) then compress as shown in the screenshot.
Hack Instagram Account
  1. Now login to your 000webhosting account. After that find the File Manager.
  2. Open it & go to public_html folder. Upload the Zip Folder. The following screenshot describes how to upload a zip folder
Hack Instagram Account
  1. After uploading, Select the file and select the Extract icon. It will prompt you to the location. Type . (Dot)
Instagram phishing | Hack Instagram Account
  1. Now Go back to My Sites, open site URL. It will show you something like this
Instagram phishing page | Hack Instagram Account
  1. Login with any account to check your account.

In the Firebase→Realtime Database, you will get your login details as you can see in the screenshot.

If you didn’t receive anything probably you haven’t change the code successfully. || Hack Instagram Account

Creating a phishing page is a different thing but the convincing victim is totally different concept. On this page, I write down Earn RS 100 as you can see in the screenshot. So you can use say something like I will get free recharge. || Hack Instagram Account

How to Protect yourself

  1. Always check URL before login
  2. Do not Open Any link from unknown source

Social Engineering

Social Engineering nothing just guess the password. But the above methods you can also social engineering. To Convince victim for login into the fake page, installing a keylogger, etc.

A lot of people set a password use the name of dad/mom with a mixture of some other characters.

Some people use the same password for every account. So if you can get password of other account then you might get their instagram account.

How to Protect your account

Use a Strong Password. Here is my recipe to create a strong password. Think about a sentence in mind, anything. For this example let’s use the following one.

Tinku was Our First Dog.

Now Pick first character of every word. It will look something like this


Last but least add some special characters to it.


I have picked 098 special characters so I can remember. Now you have a strong password.

By Hacking Facebook Account

A lot of people use login with facebook to access instagram account.

You can use the above mentioned methods to hack fb account.

Before you send the Instagram phishing page make sure you find out how your victim access Instagram account.

By Creating Fake Login App

A lot of users browse insta by the android app. If you have app development knowledge then you can use create a fake Instagram app.

Here I what I did to hack account.

  1. Get phone to browse Instagram
  2. Uninstall original app
  3. Installed Fake App

In the fake app when my victim tried to login into his account. App Show an error

Something is wrong, Please uninstall current version & install latest version from play store.

In the backend, it forward me his username & password. To create fake either you can spend 2-3 months in app development or hire a app developer from fiverr.

How to Protect yourself

  1. Apply step-2 verification on your account

Wrapping It

No matter how secure the internet become there will be always some ways to hack it.

If you have any question/query or feedback let us know by the comment section. rat 888 free Download