How to downgrade Gameloop Back To Tencent Gaming Buddy

How to downgrade Gameloop Back To Tencent Gaming Buddy

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Good day, in this tutorial we are showing you how to downgrade your Gameloop emulator to make Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator. This is a very simple and easy tutorial where you do not have to do a lot. And the best thing is that you will not lose any of your file data that they will be stored and open easily in the downgrade Gameloop version without any hassle. Download the file by going to the bottom of this post.

Now follow the instructions given below carefully.

1.Extract the downloaded file

downgrade Gameloop sdcdscjb cdhv

2. The Password for the zipped file is “ritsu”

downgrade Gameloop dcdbsvdsjbsjvcbkhjfdshjkv

3. Now open the folder, you will see two files named Temp and another named Game Setup. You can ignore the game setup file if you have already installed Gameloop, if not then install Gameloop using the setup file first. Open the temp folder.

downgrade Gameloop

4. Now open a temporary folder in your hard drive, like mine is “C” and go to “Temp> TxGameDownload> Components”. Then delete the two folders named “AppMarket” and “UI” folder.

downgrade Gameloop

5. After deleting the above two files, go to the downloaded temporary folder “Temp> TxGameDownload> Component” and copy or move all the files from that folder to the temporary folder of local disk “Example = C”.

downgrade Gameloop

6. After copying the files, open the folder named UI in C’s temporary folder and extract the “UI.rar” file in the setup folder.

downgrade Gameloop

7. Now go back to the components, and open the AppMarket folder. Then extract the file named “Market.rar” into the setup folder, the same process you did for the UI folder.

downgrade of Gameloop downgrade in Gameloop

8. Now shrink this folder and go back to the desktop. Right-click on Gameloop’s AppMarket icon here and click “Open File Location”

How to downgrade Gameloop Back To Tencent Gaming Buddy

9. Here every file in the app market folder can be deleted, which can be deleted and then from the directory “C> Temp> TxGameDownload> Component> AppMarket> Setup” to “C> Program Files> txgamitsistant> AppMarket” Copy paste TH files into.

How to downgrade Gameloop Back To Tencent Gaming Buddy

10. Do the same for the UI folder, delete all files in “C> Program Files> txgameassistant> ui”. Now copy all the files from “C> Temp> TxGameDownload> Component> UI> Setup” and paste them into the directory “C> Program Files> txgameassistant> ui”.

downgrade of Gameloop in the hsbdh

11. Now open the directory “C> Program Files> txgameassistant> appmarket” and find this file and create its desktop shortcut.

downgrade the Gameloop

12. All you have to do is open AppMarket now and enjoy your game in the old version of the old gaming friend App

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